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About Grout Aide™

Grout4ozThe SKM line of grout repair, refinishing, and color changing products is a result of years of intensive research and development, to give home owners, do it yourselfers and contractors a product they can rely on to be quick, easy to apply, and durable. Grout stains can be covered and color changes can be implemented in a matter of minutes without expensive tools and equipment. Grout-Aide is tough, durable and weather resistant.

The most recent innovation of the SKM research and development team is a larger, easy to apply applicator with two different tips: a flat head for wider grout lines and a fiber tip for thin grout lines. Once you use the SKM applicator, you will not want to restore your grout in any other way. SKM continues to research and develop new products and with customer service as a constant focus, we encourage you to contact us with questions, comments and testimonials, so that we may continue to improve your experience with American made Grout-Aide.

SKM is introducing a new innovation in sealing vinyl and linoleum floors without the use of heat guns, which contractors have been using for the sealing process. The new Grout-Aide Seam Sealer will seal the seams without the need of heating guns. Grout-Aide Seam Sealer is available in the same colors as the Grout-Aide cover up applicator. Once the Grout-Aide Seam Sealer has been applied to the seam, it can be skived gently and left overnight to cure. This innovative product is a cut above all other seam sealant products.

*Linoleum is a trademark of Armstrong.
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